While driving today, I saw a bumper sticker that said Eschew Obfuscation. I silently agreed, but wondered what the point of the bumper sticker was. Then I realized…


Nam Ch’i-hyeong

I went to the Sunnyvale Go Club tonight to see the visiting professional, Nam Ch’i-hyeong (another link), from Korea. She is actually a – professor – of Baduk in Korea (Baduk is the korean name for Go). She played a game against Lance Kemper (shygost) even, and won by resignation around move 100, best estimates are that she was already ahead by about thirty points. She played against another dan ranked amateur at 5 stones and won by 14 points. She had to leave, and those of us left sat down and played a few games. I played against someone ostensibly of my own level, and after making 4 or 5 grievous errors, I still won by 10 points. Go figure. (pun mercilessly intended)

I made an assertion not too long ago that what I needed at this stage was not more study, or problems, or books, but just to play many many games to get more experience under my belt. The inconsistency of my play tonight was easy proof of that. Back to KGS.

I’m looking forward to a 4 day workshop starting a week from Wednesday with Yilun Yang (link, link). This is going to be a solid 4 days of go training. I’m very excited.