Birth Order

So it’s pretty well established that birth order does make a difference in personality; the ‘firstborn’ will be different than the middle children, who are different from the youngest. I’ve read that children who are more than 5 years younger than their next oldest sibling exhibit the qualities of a ‘firstborn’ as well, meaning that with a 5 year separation, new children are effectively a new set of children, not significantly influenced by their older siblings.

All of this means that if my boys are going to have any more genuine siblings, their new sibling must be conceived in the next year.

Then again, I’m sure it doesn’t matter. ;]


I’ve been thinking a lot about my priorities in life lately, and where I’m headed. Given that I’m intensely curious (about everything), and want to do everything I can, it’s hard for me to pick a direction. I’ve recently narrowed down the things I want to be doing right now, and identified some of the things that distract me from them.

Things I want to be doing with my life right now:

  • Playing with my kids (parental responsibility)
  • Studying Physics/Astrophysics, including my research (academic responsibility)
  • Practicing Aikido and Bike Riding (physical exercise)
  • Playing Go (mental exercise)
  • Maintaining my personal and professional relationships (social responsibility)
  • Writing & Photography (artistic exercise)

Things that distract me from doing these things:

  • Netflix & the DLP Projector
  • {Use,Point}less Gadgets (GPS, weatherstation(s), excessive clocks, &c.)
  • Excessive Furniture (quantity and size)
  • Household Disorder / Too much random stuff (read: crap, junk, &c.)

I must work on getting rid of the excess distractions. This is perhaps a problem that I can throw money at, but I expect to recoup more money than I spend in order to have a better situation. It’s a win in all aspects.

Birthday Wishes

I’m 27 today. I gave someone a piece of advice that I strive for myself.

Be the kind of person you want your kids to grow up to be.

It’s stupidly simple, but it’s rather powerful, especially for those with children.