Fired for smoking?

From the alerts of the Drug Policy Alliance:

Earlier this year, a Michigan health care company fired four employees for refusing to take a test to determine whether they smoked cigarettes. The company, Weyco Inc., adopted a policy that allows them to fire employees who smoke, even if the smoking happens after business hours, away from the office.

So… what’s the next lifestyle choice that companies will have oversight into? Will people start getting fired for not watching enough TV, or perhaps being vegetarian?


I want it. If only to drive around the loop (what we fondly call our apartment complex) and scare the natives. It’s located in the same town my mom lives in, I may go up there next weekend, maybe I can go visit it.

Monterey 2600

Came down to the Monterey 2600 meeting tonight, but noone’s around, at either location. Mayhaps their site needs updating. Either way, this is the third failed 2600 meeting attempt, so next time around I’m not driving around just to find an empty coffee shop. Maiki is bothered because he might have to start his own meeting. ;]