the accoutrements of love

I find them very irritating when not involved. It seems that ‘love’, perhaps not of the true variety but of the more common sort, tends to create patterns of behavior with the same status in social interaction as an inside joke. These create humor and a good mood between those involved, and a complete lack of interest, even disdain, in those who are not. I’m inclined to believe that this is always partly intentional. An inherent disharmony in the relationship or the people involved creates a need for some artificial connection, something to separate ‘them’ from ‘us’. When the deeper connection everyone seeks is felt on some level to be missing, the desire is to create it arbitrarily.

I believe that a deeper form of love doesn’t have this irritating effect on it’s surroundings; the things shared privately don’t require anything as pedestrian.


Real life takes it’s toll. I have a number of works in progress that I need to get up here, I’ll try to put a little bit of time into it each day, I’d really like to get some conversation/feedback on some of these ideas that have been plaguing me for months.

I’ve been playing a lot of go lately, the game has very simple rules, but the emergent behavior is incredibly complex. Much ‘strategy’ seems completely arbitrary; I’m inclined to wonder if perhaps the familiar ‘strategy’ is a self-reinforcing paradigm.

This quarter should be pretty light. Solid State Physics, Senior Thesis, Aikido, and another class, quite possibly “Music and Artificial Intelligence”. Sounds interesting, a lot of algorithmic work in music. Will be nice to have something outside the standard physics fare.