I wish there was a

I wish there was a way to enforce the efficiency with which tax dollars are spent. I came down here for three days of technical training and two tests. I can take one of the tests (the book for which I left in Santa Cruz), but the other test I can’t take until the first week of July. I’m pretty sure I could pass the test right now, but given that I have to take the other one ANYWAY, I’ll just wait and take them both the same day. The funny thing is, noone EVER has to take only one of the tests; offering one without the other is a profound waste of time.

This time, however, I have an appointment. Which I guess means nothing, if they cancel it I can’t exactly sue them.

So I spent the rest of the day setting up a new linux firewall for my friends new cable broadband. I even set up a CIPE static vpn tunnel from here to my house. I have the c$ share on a windows machine at my house behind two NAT firewalls mounted on my linux machine here, behind the firewall I just set up.

It didn’t really accomplish anything useful, other than being able to delete all my temp files from 500 miles away. Perhaps the lovely lady noticed that browser performance increased slightly.

Anime of the day: DN Angel. Great story. Not sure where the plot is going, but the setting and characters are incredible. The animation is tight also, with a good mix of cg.

travel and certs

Currently Reading: Siddhartha

I’m off to see the wizard
the wonderful wizard of oz
because because because because because
because of the wonderful things he does.

Off I go to San Diego for 10 days to hang with my best friend and his woman, to take two tests, and three days of training. w3rd.

By the second week of June, I’ll no longer be just a CISSP, I’ll be a CISSP, CCNA, CCFT. It feels pretty arbitrary.

Last Exile is tight.

I make purrrrrdy colors.

I make purrrrrdy colors. This is round 3 of me doing the blog thing. I wonder how long it’ll last this time around? I have to say, however, this is the best color scheme I’ve ever made for one of these things.

I wrote a 500 line patch for a PHP web-based portal/email application this morning. I don’t even know PHP, but somehow they’re going to add my patch to their CVS. I’m not sure if I feel smart or just bored.

I need a job. Somehow the qualification of “I can do anything with a book and a couple hours” doesn’t get a lot of interviews.

Specialization is for insects.

Current anime: Naruto episode 33