Got my LSAT score back. Took it on 12/3 on a whim.

We pay so little attention these days to individuals. Everything is about mass production. Even our legal system, which used to house a larger portion of the intellectual elite, has become a haven for industrialists and assembly-line agents.

All we have to show for it now is a pathetic little test that screams that little Johnnie is going to be a fantastic lawyer and will be able to support his parents in the manner to which they’d like to become accustomed.

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Over the past eight days, I’ve had a full medical workup, including bloodwork, urinalysis, spirometry (breath measurement), audiology, optometry, and a rather intensive physical. I’m happy to say that I am resident in a very healthy body. My doctor isn’t even telling me to gain weight anymore.

Motorcycle, Car, Car

I got my motorcycle back from the shop Friday. It’s amazing, I missed it a lot.

My Subaru will cost me close to $3000 to get fully fixed by the time all is said and done, and I don’t expect to get it back for about 5 more days.

I’m donating the Oldsmobile to the American Red Cross.

Photographer’s Reflexes

I was driving my rental home from the subaru dealership today, and as I’m going through an intersection, I see a wheel/tire rolling (fast) across the street ahead of me, bounce over the center divide, and continue rolling into the bumper of the car in front of me. I look to the left, and see a middle aged man with a bushy moustache getting out of a newer blue volkswagon jetta, looking quite annoyed that his front right disc brake is sitting on the asphalt in the middle of the street. Looking back to the right, I see that the wheel has continue rolling across the street, and almost punked a passing bicyclist before it hit a wall and fell over.

The distressing part of all of this is that I had my camera sitting on the passenger seat, 70-300mm lens attached, and ready to go (aperture priority mode set at f/10, it’s a very sunny day, and mode set to multiple exposures, tap the button for one frame, hold it to shoot continuously). The car in front of me stopped dead when the tire hit it, so I had a good 10 seconds I could have just sat there stopped and taken pictures. And I didn’t even think about it until 1/2 mile later.


No Road Trips for the Wicked

So I ran over a curb today. Managed to tear open both right side tires and bend the front right lower control arm. So I spent ~$360 on new tires (Yokohama, they didn’t have Toyo which were on the car), now the car is at the Subaru shop, which will probably ream me for another few hundred dollars. And I was supposed to leave town 5 hours ago.

blogging before blogging

I found today what I am pretty sure is my second attempt at (what later became called) blogging, in January 2001. This is a complete mindfuck for me. as of 5/19/2001

For consistency, I’ll import those entries to here later on. I’ve already imported posts from livejournal and xanga and a couple other MT installations (not even sure which ones they are anymore). Perhaps someday I’ll find somewhere that has an archive of from ~1995-1999.

MT 3.2

Just upgraded to MT 3.2, which came out today. It’s a big improvement, I’m quite pleased.

<HolyWar> perl > php ; mt > wp </HolyWar>

Perhaps someday I’ll have someone to do it for me, like Joi has Boris.

Haxed on the stylesheet for an hour, got this far, I’ll probably leave it alone for a few months now.


My kids just came back after being gone for four days. I feel so relieved, so much better, it’s amazing. I had been incredibly anxious and didn’t even realize it. I’m so happy they’re home.