MSG Obesity

Monosodium Glutamate, I’ve recently learned, is used in the laboratory to cause obesity in animals. So, for instance, if you need obese rats to do your research, you feed them MSG, and they become obese. This is all fine and good for the lab, but when you realize that a significant portion of commercial food contains MSG, our epidemic of obesity begins to make more sense. Google “MSG Obese”.

Congress is now, of course, trying to exempt food manufacturers and their trade organizations from obesity liability. All else being equal, I’d agree, but the issue is muddied when noone knows that one of your ingredients increases appetite and causes obesity.

“… a widely used nutritional monosubstance – the flavouring agent MSG – at concentrations that only slightly surpass those found in everyday human food, exhibits significant potential for damaging the hypothalamic regulation of appetite, and thereby determines the propensity of world-wide obesity. We suggest to reconsider the recommended daily allowances of amino acids and nutritional protein, and to abstain from the popular protein-rich diets, and particularly from adding the flavouring agents MSG.” – Eur J Clin Nutr. 2005 Aug 31 – Obesity, voracity, and short stature: the impact of glutamate on the regulation of appetite – Hermanussen M, Garcia AP, Sunder M, Voigt M, Salazar V, Tresguerres JA (link).

Don’t give me the fat.

Ad-36 was first isolated in 1978 in a diabetic child in Germany. More research is needed to determine if Ad-36 has played any role in the global epidemic of obesity that has occurred over the last approximately 20 y.

Dr RL Atkinson of the Obetech Obesity Research Center and colleagues have published a paper linking human adenovirus 36 (Ad-36) with obesity. Is it possible that obesity is a disease, we’re in the middle of an epidemic, and we should avoid being sneezed on by the more husky people around us?



Over the past eight days, I’ve had a full medical workup, including bloodwork, urinalysis, spirometry (breath measurement), audiology, optometry, and a rather intensive physical. I’m happy to say that I am resident in a very healthy body. My doctor isn’t even telling me to gain weight anymore.