2007 Jujo Jiang Invitational

I played in the tournament this weekend in San Francisco. I placed 4th in the 4k-8k division. I tied Karoline Burrall in points (we both had 3/5 wins), but she won the game that we played, so that was the tie-breaker. Prizes in this tournament went down to 4th place; I won $25, which was odd, since it cost me $35 to play. You’d think one would at least win enough to cover your entry fee. But no matter, it was $25 I didn’t have, and I enjoyed all my games except the third, which I lost because I played way too fast. The game against Karoline I lost because of a fighting error that was easily worth 70 points, I lost by 31. A simple extension instead of the clamp I played would have won me the game easily. Frustrated by the loss, I went on to destroy her younger sister, Julie, winning by 55.

In any case, I really enjoy tournament go, it’s great to play with a clock against new & different opponents who don’t play the way my usual opponents do. I’ve played in two tournaments now, and placed in both of them. I hope I can keep that up. ;]

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