I’ve been thinking a lot about my priorities in life lately, and where I’m headed. Given that I’m intensely curious (about everything), and want to do everything I can, it’s hard for me to pick a direction. I’ve recently narrowed down the things I want to be doing right now, and identified some of the things that distract me from them.

Things I want to be doing with my life right now:

  • Playing with my kids (parental responsibility)
  • Studying Physics/Astrophysics, including my research (academic responsibility)
  • Practicing Aikido and Bike Riding (physical exercise)
  • Playing Go (mental exercise)
  • Maintaining my personal and professional relationships (social responsibility)
  • Writing & Photography (artistic exercise)

Things that distract me from doing these things:

  • Netflix & the DLP Projector
  • {Use,Point}less Gadgets (GPS, weatherstation(s), excessive clocks, &c.)
  • Excessive Furniture (quantity and size)
  • Household Disorder / Too much random stuff (read: crap, junk, &c.)

I must work on getting rid of the excess distractions. This is perhaps a problem that I can throw money at, but I expect to recoup more money than I spend in order to have a better situation. It’s a win in all aspects.

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