I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more often. It’s quite good for me. Chances are most of the time it will be completely and utterly pointless.

Been playing a fair amount of Dominions 2 the last couple of days, had a good friend up for the weekend, we got our geek on.

Only class of note this quarter is Astronomy/Astrophysics 113 – Physical Cosmology – A physical examination of our evolving universe: the Big Bang model; simple aspects of general relativity, particle physics in the early universe, production of various background radiations, production of elements, tests of geometry of the universe, and formation and evolution of galaxies and large-scale structure. This is actually very exciting for me, it’s my first astro class ever, even though I’ve done a lot of reading in the subject.

I’ve been itching to code lately, of all things. I’m going to start working in earnest on my physics research (IDL/C), as well as rewrite some system administration scripts that need it badly (perl). Read a lot a few days ago about LISP, which I used about a year ago in a class titled “Music and Artificial Intelligence”. Apparently LISP is about the highest level language there is, which makes it quite powerful. Don’t let all the extra parenthesis fool you.

I’ve found two companies lately that I want to get stickers or some such from: Western Truck Fabrication (WTF), and the Object Management Group (OMG).

I’m 27 in two days. I can barely bring myself to care. My thoughts are mostly concerned with simplifying my life. I have so many things to think about I don’t really get any good thinking done. I’m going to start cutting things out of my life that aren’t worth thinking about. If I could have a clean mind for my birthday, I think that would be the best.

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