Got my LSAT score back. Took it on 12/3 on a whim.

We pay so little attention these days to individuals. Everything is about mass production. Even our legal system, which used to house a larger portion of the intellectual elite, has become a haven for industrialists and assembly-line agents.

All we have to show for it now is a pathetic little test that screams that little Johnnie is going to be a fantastic lawyer and will be able to support his parents in the manner to which they’d like to become accustomed.


Subject: Your December 03, 2005 LSAT Score

Date: December 23, 2005 8:21:53 AM PST


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Dear Colin Rognlie,

LSAC account number: L {deleted}

Your December 03, 2005 LSAT score is 168. The percentile rank is 97.

A copy of your LSAT Score Report will be available in the LSAT section of the MY DOCS folder in your Online Services account at Other test related documents (in accordance with LSAC disclosure policies) may also be available in the folder.

Law School Admission Council

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2 thoughts on “LSAT

  1. Did you study at all, or just rely on your memory of Matlock episodes?

    Seriously, thats great that you got such a rediculously high score. Shows that it doesn’t take much smarts to be a lawyer. (not because you’re dumb, but because you didn’t do a pre-law degree or anything)

  2. How much did you study for the LSAT? That’s funny that you did so well, I mean it just shows how much of a joke the profession is.

    I’m going to ask what my sister got on the LSAT…

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