el carro

So I’ve needed a car with four doors for a while now, a coupe doesn’t cut the mustard with two toddlers. So I bought a car on ebay, and I’m leaving for ohio with maiki in an hour to pick it up and drive it home.

Two difficulties; it’s going to be hard for me to be away from my children for that long, it’s going to be hard for me to take a road trip that long without smoking (It’s been two months minus two days).

On the up side, while I am in pain from a recent rejection, I’ll have plenty of time to reflect on it, and rebalance my existence.

On a more banal note, I’ve purchased a 60gb ipod and a camera. Now it’s time to go back into starving-student mode. Expect more pictures on flickr post-haste; the ohio trip will be quite well catalogued.

One thought on “el carro

  1. Sorry about the recent rejection dude. I feel your pain, having been in the situation before.

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