Blogging in class. Most professors would be upset about students having a laptop open and in use during class, but for some reason, I’m in Computer Science 101 over the summer. Sadly, despite being in E2, the engineering building that’s just a couple of years old, there’s no wireless, so I’ll have to wait to get home to actually publish.

The class is Algorithms and Abstract Data Types, one of the main prerequisites for upper division CS classes (or CMPS, as they abbreviate it here). By and large, it’s a theory class, with 65% of the grade based on homework, midterms, and final, which are, by and large, composed of proofs regarding algorithms. The other 35% comes from 5 programming assignments, in which we’re tasked with implementing abstract data types in Java and ANSI C. The programming assignments are pretty trivial, I’ve done two so far, and they’ve taken about 5 hours each.

We have a midterm on Friday, which is going to be all proofs on induction, recurrence relations, asymptotic notation (Big/Little-O, Big/Little-Omega, and of course, Theta). I’ve taken a lot of upper-division physics, and while this doesn’t compete with Mathematical Methods or 2nd quarter E&M, it is quite more of a challenge than I expected.

It’s more of a challenge for my classmates than it is for me, and I’m close to feeling guilty about how easily I’m managing. All I can do is be compassionate towards those who are less prepared.

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