I am considering purchasing hosting from Dreamhost for my domains (,,,, I have a few more questions for them with respect to what they’ll host for me. I’d like to be able to host a private irc server and a private http proxy (squid over stunnel or some such). Also, I want to be able to send outgoing email through them, encrypted (SMTP over TLS with authentication), since my ISP blocks port 25 incoming and outgoing, and I’ve no trust in the people that run their mail gateway.

I also need to replace my linux firewall with a Cisco router which still needs to be configured. Said router has IPSec VPN capability, which will be nice when I’m out and about with the powerbook, and will let me run VLANs on my switch, using the hackish “router on a stick” methodology. I’ll probably reinstall my lunix firewall box with OpenBSD and run some slicked up pf and snort on it in front of my most privatest of networks.

My biggest concern with all of this is having my email hosted offsite (I use IMAP over SSL), and losing a significant amount of speed, since I receive a significant amount of email every day. I’m also trying to figure a way to implement greylisting in this architecture.

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