Monterey 2600

Came down to the Monterey 2600 meeting tonight, but noone’s around, at either location. Mayhaps their site needs updating. Either way, this is the third failed 2600 meeting attempt, so next time around I’m not driving around just to find an empty coffee shop. Maiki is bothered because he might have to start his own meeting. ;]

One thought on “Monterey 2600

  1. The Monterey2600 meet was started by people who have been going to meets for over 10 years. Shoot us an email (addy at the bottom of every page on our site) and lets make sure we meet up with you at the next meet in March. The weather has been crappy, so we’ve headed out to warmer places but the meets are happening and the notes and information posted on the site are valid, so again, contact us via email and/or make yourself known when you come down. We meet in the back room at 5pm… there is a big red couch, can’t miss it.

    The next Monterey 2600 meeting will be Friday March 4, 2005. Come to share, come to learn.

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