We are always practicing, always learning.

Every moment, of every day, your brain, your body, and anything more ephemeral that you believe in, is getting better at what you’re doing, and likely learning to enjoy it more too.

If you are playing soccer, right now, you are getting better at it.  If you are hating your life right now, the next time around, you will be better at it, hating your life more intensely and more skillfully.

The power of this attribute of being human cannot be understated.  You can become better at racism or feeling your emotions or needing a cigarette to break an uncomfortable silence.  You can increase your skill at deadening your senses with television and heighten your mastery of keeping in touch with people important to you.

Everything moment is reinforcement, learning, and practice.  Every action that you take, and do not take, will be easier and more automatic tomorrow.  Not only will you repeat your behavior more adeptly, but you will also do it more automatically.

Activities, emotions, thoughts, habits, additictions, and people are all included.  You will get better at the ones you do.  You’re already good at the ones you’ve done.  There is no off switch.

If you have mastered needing heroin to get through the day, you cannot spontaneously become bad at it.  You can, however, start working on developing the skill of getting through the day without it.  If it seems like mowing a lawn with nail clippers, that’s because it is.  You’re learning a brand new skill instead of using the well-honed one you already have.

In ten minutes, you will be better at something than you are now.


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